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    “How to market and promote yourself the fun way”

    When you first decided to go into business for yourself did you realise how much there was to do? First came the business idea, then you had to create a name, logo and your branding, then perhaps some flyers and business cards, a website, an office sign. Then there was the business plan, the marketing plan, the financial plan, and the 5 year plan.

    You identified your ideal client, your niche market, you placed some ads, dropped off flyers, went to a few networking events, but still the phone didn’t ring off the hook. Were you spending more time on admin than you were with clients and your diary sadly a little sparse? Sound familiar?

    What did you do wrong? Absolutely nothing! I promise.  All those steps need to be taken but the day will come when you have to get out there and market yourself. You are the face of your business and if people don’t get the opportunity to connect with you and to develop a relationship with you, then they will not be ready to do business with you.

    It is a known fact before someone will buy from you they need to

    • Know you
    • Like you
    • Trust you

    Pretty hard for a potential client to do that if you are hiding in your office waiting for the phone to ring.  So how do you change that?

    1. Get out there and network- networking can be the most effective and affordable marketing tool you ever use, and it is fun! Find a network that resonates with you, one where you fit in and one where you are encouraged to grow, succeed and fly. Networking is not just about the women at the event it is also about being able to access the “internal networks” of all those who attend.

    2. Market yourself in a variety of ways – placing just one ad in the local paper, magazine or radio station once off is rarely going to bring you the return on investment that you desire. Create an advertising plan that MEETS your budget and is creative and flexible.

    3. Use as many FREE resources as possible– do a flyer drop to local businesses where your clients visit. Write articles and blogs to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Use the power of social media to create a buzz about your business. Gifting- the best referral is from a happy client and sometimes “gifting” someone a place at your workshop, seminar or a session will open you up to a whole new client base.

    4. Training and Education– if you don’t have the confidence, skills or tools to market your message to the masses, then time for some retraining. To keep up to date with the latest tools and strategies and to rid yourself of any limiting beliefs you may hold attend a great seminar and workshop on offer in your area. Find someone who you admire in business and ask them what trainings they have attended.

    5. Engage someone else to promote you- if the thought of singing your own praises turns your legs to jelly and your tummy into a butterfly parade then it is time to ask someone else to promote you. I understand completely how difficult it can be to toot your own horn, which is why I created the Enlightened Goddesses Business Network.  So that I could bring together a community of business women who would support, encourage and promote each other toward success. Where collaboration and contribution prevailed and competition didn’t exist.

    As a member of this network my promise to you is that I will use  the power of this community, the reputation of this network  and my own love for helping others to promote you to a wider audience, using social media, networking and an online web presence.  For only $117 per year, you can become a member of our Enlightened Goddesses community and WE will take your message to the masses.

    Natalie McIvor Director Enlightened Goddesses Business Network

    x Natalie

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