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    My good friend Carren Smith asked me this question the other day and in all honesty I had to answer YES!
    I so often find myself awake in the early hours of the morning inspired by a great idea- I run the idea through my mind, weigh up the pros and cons and feel my excitement and passion grow. I quickly get the idea to paper, map it out, fill a few notebooks with ideas and to do lists. THEN it all gets too hard, I fear I don’t know how to make it happen or I just don’t believe I can do it. What happens to that idea then? Well sometimes it suits on my desk and in the back of my mind for a while, sometimes I ignore it all together and make myself really busy doing other things- things that are easy, no brainers, where the outcome is predictable and safe and I am not putting myself on the line and others times while I am procrastinating on it someone else grabs the idea from the universe and runs with it.
    Does this ever happen to you?
    Do you have a great passion for the work that you do? Do you have a burning desire to take the idea to a global audience? Do you know deep inside that you are meant to be making  a  HUGE difference? Do you distract yourself by staying busy in the easy stuff where it is safe and the outcome is predictable? Do you keep yourself and your successes small?
    I know I do. Sorry DID!
    As members of this network we have something that others do not have- we have each other! Within the directory listing of this network are the women who can help us to grow, achieve and succeed, AND they need our support to do this too!
    So how can we stop playing small?
    1. get committed to your ideas- get control of that wicked voice who does NOT encourage you to succeed
    2. get support/help/assistance- connect with your fellow goddess members at our networking events, on social media, have a coffee date
    3. get educated- check out the members events pages for seminars and workshops to help you master new skills
    4. get clear- on your message, your obstacles and your limiting beliefs- we have so many members who can help with this!
    5. get up to date with the latest trends to market your business- join us at The NetConnect seminar to discover HOW
    6. get healthy- a healthy mind is fed by a healthy body- improve yoru diets, try yoga, dance, sound and movement sessions to connect you with YOU
    7. get still- meditation holds the key to the room within you that holds all the answers, knows all the solutions and creates abundance
    8. get some faith- in you, in others, in the universe to support and nourish you
    9. get connected- we have some incredible business women in our network, so before you google next time, head to our online directory listing and connect with another goddess today
    Get Connected
    It is said “that is takes a whole village to raise a child” well that too is true for women in business. When you find your tribe, your family, your community and are nourished and supported within that community it is a natural progression that you will thrive in all areas of your life.
    One of the questions most asked by my coaching clients is “how do I find more clients”.  My answer is always “within this network”.  Each month 70 -80 women come together in one place- women who want to make a difference, support others and build strong relationships. Women just like you. Now not every woman you meet at a goddesses@lunch or brunch event is going to be your ideal client- but they most certainly know your clients and the only way to access those new clients is through a referral. The only way someone is going to refer you is if they know you, like you and trust you. So the next time you are at one of our goddess networking events or NetConnect seminars take the time to connect consciously with others, be authentic and offer your support to others. What you get back in return money cannot buy!.
    click here for our next Goddess Events
    Playing Big.
    As members of this growing network, we need to hold each other accountable to our dreams and goals and when we are being the very BIGGEST we can be others will follow and become the very BIGGEST they can be. How cool is that!
    How does it get any better than that?? People often ask me “what is different about your networking events” the only way to answer that is to experience it for oneself.  At each event I look about the venue and am amazed at the vibrancy, energy and love that exists and the best thing is I am seeing the ripple effect of this in our community. I am seeing the difference that each one of you is being in our community and know that the impact of that globally is huge.
    So congratulations for being BIG! and keep being the very biggest you can be every day.
    Much love and gratitude
    Natalie McIvor Director Enlightened Goddesses Business Network
    Published on September 18, 2011 · Filed under: Events, General, Networking;
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