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  • My Escape to Paradise-Vanuatu

    It was the beginning of 2005 and I found myself without a husband, a home, car or my eldest daughter(who had decided to move away from home)  wondering what was I going to do next. How was I going to create a new life for my two youngest children who were 7 and 10 at the time? How were we going to not just survive but thrive?

    Now I would like to share with you that I had a powerful peaceful and enlightening moment of clarity here, but alas I didn’t. Instead I took up smoking and drinking, I didn’t do drugs (perhaps that was because no one offered them to me, ha ha) and I fell into a pit of despair. I stayed in there for quite a while, I think I quite enjoyed the pity party and being a martyr. It is amazing how pity attracts pity isn’t it…..

    Until one day a pierced and tattoed stranger approached me and said “I have been guided to offer you healing, can I give you some Reiki”. With raised eyebrows I muttered something like “sure, I’ll get back to you”, and never intended to of course.  But she persisted and I gave in, was it curiosity or desperation? Who knows, but lucky for me I did.

    This began my journey toward conscious living.  Believe me it was not all peace and pixie dust, I had some deep demons to let go of, a lot of forgiveness to give and a while pile to self responsibility to accept. After all I had been living in a place of blame and shame for a very long time and the concept that I had created all this was beyond my grasp.I wanted someone else to be held accountable and to fix my life for me. Ha ha, we all know better than that don’t we.

    So began a year of intense healing, meditating, praying, crying, drinking, more crying and more drinking until one day the tears and the wine glass were dry. I had many teachers guiding and supporting me through this time and I thank each and everyone of them in my daily prayers.

    They say when the student is ready the teacher appears, well the Universe gave me an intensive training program and some very patient and loving teachers to guide me on my path.

    Eventually I came to a place of peace, albeit it wasn’t a steady place but it was there and I had begun to believe in myself, others and the universe.  Faced with the prospect of selling my beautiful home and moving on I was unsure of how I would be the “new” me and stay in my current location. So I asked The Universe what should I do…. I was answered with “go to Vanuatu and open a healing centre”.

    Now I had never heard of Vanuatu, and having recently being introduced to the world of healing and spirituality, I didn’t believe I was qualified to open such a centre. But I trusted and off I went, with two small children and a suitcase each to see what Vanuatu would bring for us. We arrived a week before xmas 2005, with no home, no job, no car,no friends, no family and very little money.  But we were there, ready to experience the biggest adventure of our lives.

    Stay tuned…………….

    This photo was taken not long after we arrived at Manura point.












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