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    I am talking to both men and women here.  Breast cancer is non discriminatory, it likes all boobs.  As cancer rates are on the rise, it is now sadly not uncommen to know someone or many someones who have been touched by this painful disease. I know we are all taking steps to clear our minds and bodies of the toxins that feed this illness, and we are so lucky to live in an age of education, information, freedom of choice and toxic free products and orgnanic foods, but for those who are touched by this illness, the road to recovery is tough. One local family, who lost their beautiful Cindy to this disease decided they wanted to help others who shared this illness and they created the Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Foundation. A local charity, helping local families in their time of need. This is a fabulous charity and the support you give them stays right here on the coast, helping your neighbour, your sister, your mum or you.  The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network is proud to support this charity and a % of proceeds from each of my events is contributed each year, so all you lovely goddeses who have joined us at an event or retreat have supported this charity too. Thank you, every bit helps. I never really knew why I chose this charity to support all those years ago, until recently when my best friend Sig and my Aunt Margaret and another friend Virginia were all diagnosed with breast cancer and I realised I had never even had a breast check! I turned to Kylie the foundation director for support for both my loved ones and myself and for information because I didn’t know how to help them during this time. I didn’t know what to say, or do, whether to bustle in and take over or just be there. Thankyou to Kylie, John and all who have been involved or supported this charity since it’s creation for you were all responsible for the support you gave my loved ones and me during this time.

    Now being me- saying thank you is not enough! I am so excited to be creating, along with a while pile of fabulous support- a Pinktober Coast Carnivale Event on 28th Octoberat 4th Floor Restaurant Mooloolab. This event is going to knock your socks off, take you back to your childhood and give you the gift of knowledge so that you can discover more about how to know and care for yours breast better.  All of you, men and women of all ages, please join us for a night of fun and make a big difference in the lives of the clients of the Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Much love and health to you all and thanks to our team- Jeanne, Sally, Mel, Deb and Priscilla. More event info to follow very soon, but hold the date for now, 28th October 630pm, Mooloolaba

    If you have an old bra that is not too tatty and would like to donate it for a special display at this event please email or message


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