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  • What is the “Enlightened Goddesses Business Network?”

    No we are not a bunch of tea leaf reading, brightly coloured spirits, we are a Business Network, a community of like minded committed women. Committed to making a difference, committed to creating business success for ourselves and contributing to the success of others.  We are serious about building successful and profitable businesses from the heart. Does that sound like you?

    Our network members cover the A to Z of business, we have accountants, healers, authors, publishers, professional speakers, financial genius’s, doctors, designers, lawyers, teachers, artists and much much more.  Our businesses may vary, but our values, ethics and principles are very aligned with each other.

    The traditional method of Networking is about sales, sales and more sales. Competing against others to grab what little clients and business are out there and trying to turn every lead into a client. Does that feel expansive to you? Not really, feels very constricting, hard edge and ultimately unsatisfying.

    Networking the “Enlightened Goddess” way involves connecting with each other with authenticity by sharing who you really are with others and allowing them the same oppportunity.  The success of our network lies in our ability to offer a supportive and safe forum where women from all walks of life and business can come together to break down the barriers that often exist between the corporate and non corporate sectors.  Where contribution is the common theme not competition.

    After 18 months of hosting over 20 networking events  and welcoming over 350 women at those events, I have witnessed some incredible professional and personal development amongst our members. Women have become more confident, have gained more clarity around their business model and have learnt tips and tools from each other and our guest speakers that have increased their business success enormously. I have also observed that women who operated mostly from the head, were becoming more heart spaced and women who were very heart spaced were learning to operate from a head space that allowed them both to gain new perspectives. All in a relaxed, friendly and positive environment. Women being themselves, women being nice to each other, women who are doing what women do best- communicating, connecting and contributing to each other.

    Women since the beginning of time have gathered together to create a community that supports, encourages and assists each other.Women innately like to connect with each other, to find out what makes each other tick, and share their stories. Why should it be any different in business? Isn’t it important to build relationships with our clients, colleagues and staff? Do you want to do business with someone who takes the time to connect with you and build a relationship with you or someone who flogs their business at you in the first 5 minutes and has no interest in your? It’s all in the relationship isn’t it?  

    The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network puts the yin back into the yang of business. Gone are the days where women need to follow a masculine model of hard edge selling and wear their business success and qualifications like an armour. Women who attend our networking events and seminars have discovered that it is not only safe but productive to bring their feminine side, their authentic side into their business world and these women are the ones that are changing the way  business is done now and in the future(you know who you are…). Now more than ever,  in these changing times, people are realising that it is vitally important that to build their business they need to build strong and authentic relationships with their clients and potential clients.

    Many people spend a lot of time, money and energy in chasing new business and dismiss the importance of building the relationship they have with their current client.   Your current client already knows you, trusts you and likes you or they wouldn’t be your client. When you develop the relationships you have with your established clients you increase the potential for not only that client  to continue to bring you their business but you also increase the potential for them to refer you to others. Word of mouth is the oldest marketing form on earth and guess what it is still the most powerful! Tell me this, when you move to a new area do you just love trekking around, spending hours on the phone to connect yourself to all the services and products your family needs? OR would you rather ask your new neighbour to refer you to their network of services? Which option feels easier?

    When the “Enlightened Goddesses Business Network” was just an idea, I had hoped to build a network where women could find balance not just only in their lives but within themselves.   Where women could discover and allow all facets of themselves to be shown to the world. In such a short space of time together we have achieved that and so much more. I thank every “goddess” who has joined us at an event or become a member of our network, you are all part of our growing network of Enlightened Goddesses- women creating conscious connections in business.

    I look forward to connecting with you soon








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