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    Connect with others. Don’t just rush around throwing your card at everyone, take the time to connect with a few  people at each event. If you think networking is about running around an event, throwing your cards at everyone and selling selling selling, you have got it wrong.  Authentic Networking is about taking the time to meet people, maybe even using your intuition to guide you to who to meet first, or you maybe driven by knowing they would make a great contact or new business friend. Either way when you take the time to connect with fewer people in more depth, you then can start to reap the benefits of effective networking. Sure it is great to meet lots of people, it may increase your chances of attracting new clients, or you could simply end up with a whole pile of business cards and run out of your own!

    For networking to be successful for you, you need to make authentic connections, you need to develop and nurture the relationships you do make, and build on these relationships to create business growth for all. Networking is not about you, sorry it isn’t, it is about what you can do for others, what you can bring to that networking community that will contribute to the growth of all businesses. That is pretty hard to do if you are rushing around briefly meeting a room full of people. Take the time to connect, you will be glad you did!

    Support the event. If you like the sound of the event, then share the love and invite others that may benefit too. Networking events are a great marketing and business tool and one that you should embrace at every opportunity.  To create a successful event where everyone feels welcome, accepted, supportive and nurtured takes a lot of commitment, planning and organisation on the facilitators part. So if you love the event, love the format and love the people you meet there then I would urge you to support that event. Be on time, offer your assistance where appropriate, help support the business growth of fellow members and guests and support the event by sharing the invitation around.

    Chances are if you love the event, and it brings real value to your life, then it will to others too.









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