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    Every time you attend a networking event you have the potential to meet 100’s of people. Not just those at the event but also the huge list of contacts each person there holds in their head. I call it “an internal database”. When you attend a networking event it is not just you meeting a room full of people. It is your network meeting their network.

    Think about this for minute, we all know people, friends, family, colleagues, clients etc and we walk around with this internal database of contacts in our heads, so say you have 10 contacts in your internal database, and you go to a networking event where there are 40 other business owners, and they all have 10 contacts in their internal database. Think about it, you now have access to 400 potential clients that you can ‘t get to unless you connect with those at the event. So doesn’t it make sense to connect authentically with those people, to form genuine friendships and consider creating “profitable partnerships with others”.( That is a whole workshop in itself that I am hosting on 14th September jump on line and find out more).

    So how can you do that? Be inclusive of others at the event, share a bit of your story with others, be engaged and engaging as a listener and speaker and rather than set your goal to meet as many people as you can at an event, consider really connecting with a smaller number. You just never know what business and personal success will come of it.

    So there you are at a networking event along with a 100 others, how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

    By being YOU. No one else is quite like you, so embrace that and be real, authentic and genuine.  A few easy and affordable ways to stand out from the crowd can include;

    1. Giving away a lucky door prize. For the entire time that your prize is being drawn all focus is on your business, all guests now know who you are, what your business is called and what your product or service is.  Be Generous, if you truly believe in your service or product then you should be willing to gift it and share the love.
    2. Give a little gift to everyone you speak with or share a table with. Something small, attached to your business card, what a great ice breaker!

    I hope you enjoy and gain great benefit from these networking tips and begin to get more out of each networking experience you have









    x Natalie


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