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    To ensure you get the most our of your networking experience “Be on time”.

    Avoid embarassment and interruption and get there early to get the best seat! At most Networking events there is plenty to do and many to meet and often run sheets to adhere to. So make sure you arrive on time so that you can meet and mingle and feel relaxed and comfortable before the formalities begin.  That way you will be able to catch up with old friends, meet some new ones and have time to connect with more people authentically which will make your networking experience all the more beneficial for you and the contribution you will make to the event will be even greater! If you arrive late you just never know what opportunities you may miss out on.

    Book and register early. Early bookings make life so much easier for the host. I know how busy we all are and I know only too well how quickly an empty diary fills up each month. So when the invitations go round for the months networking events, check them all out, decide which one will suit you the most that month and book in immediately. That way your diary is kept clear for the event, and will allow you time to prepare your elevator speech, update your flyers or business cards and get there nice and early. Also a great exercise in committment, a committment to you, your business and the networking community you form part of.

    Do yourself and the host a favour each month and book in early and regard the diary entry as a reward, a day where you get to mix business and pleasure and take a few hours off to regroup and refreshen for another productive month.

    Yours in networking

    x Natalie

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