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  • Top Networking Tips #9 & #10

    Be interested and Be Interesting!

    During the course of a networking event, master mind group,business meeting or simply a client interaction, your objective should be to obtain as much information as possible about the person who is talking to you, or sharing their presentation with you.  To be able to connect authentically with another and to make a mutual contribution to each others lives, it is imperative that you understand each other.

    How do you do this? Ask questions! Show your interest by asking questions and clarifying the points that the other person has expressed. Remember we all process things differently and it is very easy to get a different perspective of what someone is saying, so it pays to clarify!

    When someone is passionate about what they do they love talking about! So ask questions that will allow you understand and feel their passion so that in turn you can refer them onto others within your network. If you don’t know them and what they do then you can’t refer them effectively.

    When it is your turn to speak, remember to communicate your message clearly and in an interesting manner, make it real to the listener, not a lot of “jargon” and complex terms they will struggle to understand. No one likes being talked at or being bored so remember to keep it interesting, share real experiences and offer some interesting stories or scenarios to bring home your point.

    The worlds spins on communication, the business world grows through effective  communication and authentic networking can grow your personal and professional life.

    So have fun in your conversations, just because it’s business doesn’t mean you can’t connect on a personal level and engage in conversations that will grow your business at the same time.

    If you find speaking to others a challenge and are intimated by large crowds at networking events, then you take the opportunity to develop your listening skills, ask leading questions that demand an answer beyond “yes or no”. For it is through effective listening that we can learn the most!

    Have fun and hope to chat with you soon.


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