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  • Top Networking Tip #5

    Record the details of the new contacts you meet.

    Often we attend a networking event and meet many new friends, it is difficult to keep track of and remember everything about every one. I would suggest that you jot down a few points on the back of their business card to help you recall conversations later.

    This will also assist when you send your “hi nice to meet you” follow up email. When you save a new contact’s details on your database remember to include further notes for future reference. Include phone number, where you met them, what you discussed, what interested you about them, how you will follow them up.

    We never think we are going to forget important details but eventually we do. 

    When you consider how many networking events, business meetings, casual catch ups and general passing conversations you have with people in any given month, that is a lot of contacts to remember. How many new people did you meet last month? How many current contacts did you speak with? Lots I imagine.

    So do yourself a favour and record some details, follow up your initial chat and create more complete connections instead of fleeting meetings.

    x Natalie

    Published on May 9, 2011 · Filed under: Events, Networking;
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