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  • Top Networking Tip#4

    Connect with the Host.

    Your host should always be accessible to you, go up and say hi!

    It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to host a networking event so that to you the guest, it appears effortless!

    A well run event should have a team in place to ensure that your host has time to meet, greet and connect with as many if not all of her guests as possible throughout the event.

    Now we have all been to networking events where there are up to or more than 100 guests so it is a big call to expect that the host can get to have some private time with you all, so if you want to connect with your host, please go up and say hi! 

    Your host offers you access to a potentially huge contact base so don’t miss a great opportunity to network with the host herself and to let her know what you do and who you are.  How else can she support and promote you if she doesn’t know you?

    Remember she is busy wearing many hats, so keep your chat brief and to the point and remember to ask how you can contribute to her event or business.

    After all effective networking is about “connecting and contributing”.

    Please do not make the mistake of believing that because the host is facilitating the event that she is out of your league. Any decent networking business or event is only as strong as it’s members, and any host that is committed to creating an environment of support and encouragement knows that and will be genuinely interested in meeting you and discovering more about you. 

    Hosting events is a fulfilling part of my business, I get to meet so many incredible women and their ideas and concepts inspire me and encourage me to think and act outside of the square from time to time. But the greatest buzz for me is being able to promote and add to my internal database. With each event and each woman I meet I get to store their information in my head and usually within days, sometimes hours, some one will ask me do I know some one who does exactly what that person does. How magic is that! 

    Remember networking is not just about you going to an event and meeting a handful of people. When you attend a networking event you are taking your internal database with you and meeting the internal databases of everyone at the event.

    So think about that for a minute, if you attend an event with 40  other women and each of you  have an internal network of say 20 people, your network meets the networks of each of those 40 women and their networks, potentially you are doing business with 800 new clients that you didn’t have access to previously.

    So network wisely, connect, contribute and collaraborate.

    x Natalie

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