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  • Top Networking Tip #2

    Swap business cards! 

    How can you stay in touch if you don’t have each others details? If you are savvy you will have engaged the services of an amazing graphic designer such as Jeanne Treloar ( and have a fist full of unique and personalised business cards that show clearly;

    • your business name
    • what you do
    • contact details

    So where are those cards! Hidden in a bag, wallet or worst left behind! Get used to having a handful of cards everywhere, in your wallet, purse, brief case, car, diary etc so that wherever and whenever you can leave your calling card. 

    When you are at networking event and you introduce yourself to someone ask their name and for their card and then ask if you may offer them your card. When someone asks you “what do you do”  hand them a business card and give them a brief synopsis of your business. Encourage them to do the same with you. When you attend a networking event make sure you have enough cards for the amount of guests and proudly place them on the trade table, please remember to take the cards with you when you go!

    Swapping business cards is just another form of communication and opportunity to create connections by sharing something tangible that they can refer back to you later.

    Be creative with your business card, when you are next out having coffee ask the staff is it ok to leave some cards there. The next time you visit the doctor, dentist or hairdresser, ask if you may leave some of your cards there, take some of their cards and expand their network.  And sometimes just for fun, leave your card in a random place like the toilets at your favourite gym, club or restaurant. You just never know who may pick it up!

     Be proud of your card, it is your introduction to the world.  I ask you now to get out your business card, do you love it? Does it accurately reflect where your business is right now and where it is headed? Does it stand out from the rest? If your answer is No, then it might be time to engage the services of an expert and revamp and re do your cards.

    After all if your cards look messy, out of date, hard to read or just plain boring and you don’t love them, how can you expect a potential client to?

    x Natalie

    Published on April 27, 2011 · Filed under: Events, Networking;
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