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  • Top Networking Tip #1

    Call people by their name.

    When you meet someone new ask their name and refer to them by name. Our name is how we identify ourselves, so take the time to ask the name of other networking guests and to introduce yourself by name to others. At our first point of “live” contact with someone we need to establish who we are and who they are. 

    With social media rapidly becoming the initial meeting place for many of our business contacts these days it is making that first live introduction so much easier! It is almost like social media provides an “online sand box” environment where we get to practice our social skills before we actually meet a client or contact.  Who would have thought such an impersonal medium would create the foundation for authentic connections!

    If you have a name badge with your name and business details on it then wear it or slip your business card into one of those plastic pin on badge inserts you receive at seminars. 

    That way when others approach you they can hear your name as you introduce yourself but also refer to it visually throughout your conversation or when they wish to introduce you to another.

    When introducing someone else to your group, make sure you add a little bio eg “Hi this is Krishna and she is the marketing magician”. Immediately you have attracted the interest of others in the group and made it a little easier for “Krishna” to join in.

    Likewise, when introducing yourself to someone or a group do the same thing, give them a condensed version of your elevator speech.

    The more networking events you go to, the more people you will meet and the more comfortable you will feel, provided you can establish at least one authentic connection from the start.

    All in all, networking events are all about meeting, mixing and connecting with others. So get out there and make friends!

    IT really can be fun!

    x Natalie

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