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  • Top 20 Networking Tips

    A recent study by the Brigham Young University in Utah has shown that loneliness can be just as detrimental to your health as obesity and smoking. Participants in the study who had strong ties with family and friends had a 50% higher survival rate that those who were solitary. So what are you waiting for, get out there and Network!

    Now I know for some the idea of networking and meeting strangers can be daunting, but these 2o tips will ensure that the next time you find yourself out networking you will be prepared, feel confident and stand out from the crowd.

    1. Call people by their name. When you meet some one new ask their name and refer to them by name.
    2. Swap business cards!  How can you stay in touch if you don’t have each others details?
    3. Follow up. Drop a quick email or phone call to new contacts in the days following the event.
    4. Connect with the Host. Your host should always be accessible to you, go up and say hi!
    5. Record details. Jot down a few points on the back of their business card to help you recall conversations later.
    6. Keep your word. If you say you are going to call, do something, refer someone then make sure you do it!
    7. Trust is everything! Be honest, stick to the facts and don’t gossip.
    8. Introduce yourself. If you want to be noticed then sometimes you have to break the ice first.
    9. Be interested. Be a good listener, show your interest by asking questions and affirming you understand them.
    10. Be interesting. No one likes listening to some one who goes on and on, don’t be boring, don’t hog the show.
    11. Be on time. Avoid embarassment and interruption and get there early to get the best seat!
    12. Book and register early. Early bookings make life so much easier for the host.
    13. Be generous. Offer a lucky door prize or bring a little gift for each person at your table, great way to showcase your business.
    14. Be inclusive. If you see someone looking out of place then invite them to join your group.
    15. Connect with others. Don’t just rush around throwing your card at everyone, take the time to connect with a few  people at each event.
    16. Support the event. If you like the sound of the event, then share the love and invite others that may benefit too.
    17. Contribute. Networking is about sharing information, ideas, advice and contacts. Grow your network as you grow others.
    18. Create interesting conversations. Be natural, be friendly, don’t treat others like strangers but  like friends that you haven’t met yet.
    19. Elevator Speech. Create an interesting elevator speech that says who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you do it differently.
    20. Have fun! Be social, be you, share your story and encourage others to do the same.

    Networking is the buzz word right now and like it or loathe it, it is here to stay. So get savvy, get comfortable and get connected today!

    x Natalie

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