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  • Creating Great Connections

    Are your relationships important to you?
     I know you answered yes. As a human race, connections are important to us, we are driven by the desire to fit in, to surround ourselves with like minded people and to care for each other. We all realise that healthy relationhips are built on trust, common interest and support and need to be nurtured. It is no different in your business life. Professional relationships require the same level of respect, support, nurturing and time and energy that you put into your personal relationships.
    Networking is the perfect avenue for us to build our business relationships which in turn build our businesses. When you network authentically, that is take the time to connect with others on a deeper level and  contribute to their lives, both businesses win and best of all so do your clients.
    So how do we connect more authentically with others at a networking event?
    • listen and give your full attention to the speaker
    • ask leading questions that demonstrate your interest
    • seek to find similiarities between you and the speaker
    • share your story and your True self with others
    • mix and mingle at events
    • commit to making one new connection at each event
    • make a point to include and introduce others at the event
    • be honest, be you, be truthful 
    • share what is happening in your business right now
    • swap business cards
    • create joint ventures, affiliates and allegiances
    • and have fun!
    This May we have not one but two opportunities for you to connect with like minded women, to receive support and encouragement and to grow your business.  visit and create a network of support in your life.
    Yours in networking
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