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    First day back after a week off was always going to be hard. It was cold, dark and rainy and the thought of ignoring the alarm and going back to sleep was very tempting.  Lucky for me I had set two alarms so when the second one screamed from across the room I leapt to my feet and headed off to join the Goal power girls for another great fitness session(I was so keen to get there I wasn’t even dressed properly!).

    Thanks Alena you are always such a bright little light at that hour of the morning! Must be something in this fitness stuff because all personal trainers are so happy!

    This was a super tough session for me today, arms always is as I have nursed some shoulder injuries in the past and as a result have not pushed my upper body much. Well today I felt that resistance as my muscles shook and swore.  I am pleasantly surprised though that although I am finding these fitness sessions challenging and cannot always get through a set without stopping, I am actually a bit stronger and fitter than I thought I was.

    But one thing is for sure, having embarked on this comittment to improve my health and fitness and putting in all this hard work I am absolutely committed to not getting slack again and letting time slip away in between bursts of guilt induced fitness regimes.  It is far too hard to get back on top of those extra kilo’s, those flabby bits and those un used muscles.

    Far better to stay committed and each day work toward a goal to steadily improve, than to give up when the going gets tough and then face it all again in another week, month or year.

    See you Friday girls! Want to join us, visit for full details

    x Natalie

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