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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 15

    Wow, where is the time going? Week 3 began today with Goal Power training with a boxing session. I have got to say I am loving the boxing. I love that the sessions are in 30 second blocks too, at this stage with shaky arms I don’t know I could hang in there for much longer. But as time is called after an hour of boxing, which cleverly includes using every muscle of the body, I am a little disappointed. As I type this now with shaking biceps I realise that I didn’t know just how many muscles I use to type.

    I am really loving the support and encouragement that is evident not just with Jen and her trainers but within the group.  Some of these ladies have obviously been training together and with Jen for a while and others like me are newbies.  But regardless of the length of time these women have known each other,their friendliness spills overs to all.

    This is what I love most about women, their ability to be able to make simple and easy connections with each other just by finding one area that they share in common.

    It is my absolute passion to create a network, a community, and to wake up our business community to the fact that making authentic strong connections without fear of competition  will result in better lives, better businesses and a better world.

    When I joined this group of goal power girls I immediately observed  that these women knew that the secret to total success in all areas of life and the way to create a better world for us all, is to contribute, to share, to connect and to make welcome another sister.

    This weekend I was disappointed to realise that not all women think, act and behave this way. Call me naive but I am still surprised to find competition, fear of competition and separation evident in our small business community on the Sunshine Coast. Thank you to each and every woman who, like me, is committed to being the difference, and creating a change from competition to contribution.

    I am off for a busy week and will not be joining the girls until next week. So have fun, stay safe and step outside your comfort zone and really connect with others.

    x Natalie

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