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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 14

    Isn’t it amazing how much hotter the sun feels when we haven’t felt it for a few days. Late this afternoon the sun burst through the clouds, the rain eased and I headed out to enjoy a walk on the beach.

    The sun was warm, the tide was really low, I almost finished my walk just getting to the waters edge!

    The beach was amix with kids, adults, dogs, swimmers and surfers, everyone seemed happy and vitalised to be outdoors again.

    Today I used my time on the beach to run over the weeks events, to clear and let go of anything that I had held onto that did not serve me and then spent some time in a walking meditation to just appreciate the “now”. I resisted the temptation to plan my week ahead and kept my thoughts on the feel of the wet sand and cool water beneath my feet, the warmth of the sun, the laughter and voices that drifted on the light breeze.

    I returned home energised, relaxed and at peace.

    Have a happy week everyone.

    See you at boxing tomorrow

    x Natalie

    Published on March 20, 2011 · Filed under: General;
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