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    What a transformation the weather makes to our beaches. On bright sunny summer days the beach is alive with people- kids and dogs enjoying the clear blue skies and cool seas.  There is laughter, beach cricket, shady umbrellas and people taking time out  relax and soak up some sunny rays.

    On a rainy wet afternoon like today the beach was transformed. The only person I shared the beach with today was a man and his dog, huddled under a raincoat.  On my walk down to the beach I made a real effort of awareness. As I looked around me I noticed how green and how many shades of green there are in our trees, plants and grassy areas. The birds were shaking their feathers under dripping branches and little green tree frogs were singing and jumping across my path.

    The sand was hard, compacted and wet today,none of it’s usual dry feathery softness. The seas were wild and the sea water was quite warm as it brushed over my feet and I took my umbrella down to feel the light rain on my skin. There is nothing more gentle than the light touch of rain on bare skin, and so clean and refreshing!

    On the way home I splashed in puddles and was reminded of a time 20 years ago when my toddler and I had been housebound for weeks during summer with rainy weather. The yard was full of mud and puddles and I took Ashlea outside and let her run in the mud and splash in the puddles. I painted us all over in the warm mud and I remember clearly her standing there naked and muddy with her hands on her hips shaking her head at me, clearly not impressed!

    How long has it been since you have danced in puddles?

    Enjoy the rain, it is a great excuse to slow down, eat yummy food and chill out

    x Natalie

    Published on March 19, 2011 · Filed under: General;
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