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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 12

    This morning I leapt out of bed keen and ready to roll to Training with the Goal power girls. Seemed that day off yesterday really benefited me both physically and mentally.

    I had a great training session today, we started off with a brief but peaceful meditation on the sand facing the sea and the sunrise. What a gorgeous way to start the day really connecting to nature and the moment.

    Through a series of running, leaping, squatting and jumping exercises today we really worked our legs and got that heart rate moving!  We were like gazelles! Well some of us were more graceful than others, sadly not me, ha ha.

    I really applaud Jen and trainers for coming up with interesting ways to bring exercise into our day. Who would have thought that running could be done in so many ways, with the laughter coming from the group, passerbys must have been wondering what the joke was. Perhaps it was on us!

    Thanks Jen for sharing some little micro exercise tips with me today, I will bring those out on the days where I cannot get an hour of time in.

    After training I headed home, keen for a bit of a sleep in. After an hour of tossing and turning I gave up and got to work. Sleeping in is hard work!

    Two days off now, to my own devices, hope I get a beach walk in.

    See you Monday

    x Natalie

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