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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 10

    Wow this mornings fitness session really challenged me.  Thanks Alena for the great circuit of exercises you put out for us today, the variety is great, it especially keeps my mind chatter at bay as I know I am moving onto something new in a few minutes. I get to move on before I want to quit!

    Today I realised just how unfit and muscle weak I really am! No more pretending now, the proof was there. I really struggled with some of the upper body work and was not able to push through to complete some sets. But that was ok, Alena was aware of that and whilst she was gently encouraging she certainly was not expecting too much more of me than I could manage. Nothing worst than a fit, perky trainer screaming at you to keep going when your body just can’t, no biggest loser stuff for us at Goal power. Just supportive, strong and realistic expectations.

    I have got to say though, that a week and a half into my new fitness program I am feeling it, not just in my muscles but I am so tired.  You see I thought I was really great adding an hour of exercise into my day each day and in line with my committment to finding more time for me I have done just that, and that has given me a happier, more vitalised outlook throughout my day.

    However, whilst I added an hour for me I have not taken off an hour of work. Instead I have been pushing myself to complete the same amount of work each day, and staying up late to get it all done. I have not actually created a work life balance at all.

    So in saying that I am going to log off now, and turn off my computer and complete tomorrow what I have not done today and remember to add some time for rest in my day too.

    At this rate my diary is going to be full of blocked out “me time”.

    Please post a comment with any suggestions for how I can manage my time better.



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