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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 9

    With a full diary today, leading long into the night with a trip to Springwood too, I was beginning to think that the closest I would get to my fitness program today was wearing my gym clothes!

    But not so, with a small gap between appointments I was able to slip in an impromptu walk on the beach, wriggle my toes in the water and wet sand and have a chat with some friendly pelicans. How lucky are we on the Sunshine Coast that we have such clean resources available to us to incorporate into our day.

    The cloud of impending guilt for not making my fitness commitment today has lifted but I have been left with a real sense of the benefits of training with Goal power and the girls. Just knowing that a schedule program is available first thing in the morning really gives some great peace of mind. It also demonstrates to me when I don’t have that in place it is easy to fall back into the trap of working all day, not making time for me and leaving the exercise stuff to another day.

    Well I am proud to say that after just a few sessions with Goal power and the girls that I haveĀ  a new mindest that I acted on today. I used the time I had, the location I had to create my own little fitness session. Any little bit helps, we just have to get moving and when we can do that outdoors in this gorgeous corner of the world why wouldn’t we?

    So all in all, I have had a great day.

    Where can you slot a little bit of impromptu movement into your day?

    x Natalie

    Published on March 15, 2011 · Filed under: General;
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