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  • Goddess fitness Challenge Day 8

    Monday is boxing day with Goal power and I have got to say it is fun.  Especially as the focus is taken away from my leg muscles for an hour.

    Seriously though, what a great way to work the whole body and have fun. Boxing is more than just throwing your arms around and connecting with a glove, it combines, strength, cardio, core strength  and co ordination. Believe me you can feel that tummy working as you try to block your partners blows!

    I have also noticed this past week that I am sleeping better(that could be exhaustion) choosing healthier options for meals and have slowed down my usual fast pace juggling act of work and family.  Mm seems I am reaching my goal to create a better work/life balance and to improve my health and fitness. Fantastic and thanks Jen for the nudge.

    Having never worked in a group training environment before, I didn’t really know what it would be like to sweat and concentrate through fitness challenges like I have for the past week in the company of others. I have got to say that working in a team makes it easier, makes the time go faster and gives me an opportunity to meet and connect with some great women.

    Pretty much what life is about really isn’t? Going solo is fine for a while and yes you can get some great focus and clarity without distraction, but when you work within a team and as part of a team, the support and encouragement to get through the next challenge and to celebrate the successes with, is pretty cool.

    Where in life could you benefit from being part of a team?

    X Natalie

    ps Tuesday is yoga day, argh sleep in…………

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