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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 7

    Sunday, sleep in day. I really needed it today, been a busy week.  My muscles were even more tight and sore today and I had that little nagging voice talking to me “told you it was hard, told you it would hurt” bla bla bla.

    For once I didn’t listen to that voice saying “stay in bed you can always start exercising again next week”. Instead I got up, very slowly as bending was near impossible, and did some stretching. I was feeling so tight that I could not even touch my toes! Too sore for yoga I simply did some stretching and some positive mind statements.

    When I was telling Marty from Coastal Wellbeing about how stiff and sore my legs were feeling he suggested a product called MSM(no not the chat stuff), MSM is natural form a sulphur found in all living things that is pretty much good for everything; lupus, allergies, chronic fatigue, muscles soreness, arthritis, asthma the whole lot. Marty said to take 1/2 tsp in juice and despite fearing it would make me sick as most things do, I took my first dose this morning.

    Within about an hour, I was moving much freer, I got stuck into some work, housework and the groceries( my pet hate) and took another dose in the afternoon, WOW, no nausea and my muscles have stopped screaming.

    Just in time for another 6am session with Goal Power.

    See you tomorrow


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