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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 6

    Today was rest day. Even if I had not decided that yesterday, today I would have out of necessity! My legs are killing me!

    What felt like 700 squats yesterday, today feels like 7000! Was really only about 70 I think.

    So today was about gentle stretching and slow movement. Really honouring my body and letting it rest when it needed to.

    I am also refueling with some magnesium and himalayan rocksalt and essential oils to get the minerals back in my body and relax those muscles.

    I am so wishing I had my bath right now, mm candles, warm water, essential oils, salts………. my usual muscle fix it. 

    So without a bath I am going to call it an early night, spray some magnesium onto my thighs and hope that tomorrow I can move a little easier.


    Om my Goddess…. Monday is so close……………

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