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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 5

    I am used to being a Super woman. Juggling and intermingling my roles as parent, daughter, partner, friend, business owner etc.

    I love lists! I write them for everything. (My family are glad that I no longer write them for them).  My biggest joy is when I have completed a task and can throw out that list and guess what……..start another one. Do I sound a little crazy? Despite loving the order and accountability of a list I am able to be flexible and spontaneous as long as I can get back to the list later ha ha.

    I am very used to, and a little too comfortable with,  pushing myself right to the end in my business  life. I give most of the time way past what is fun or healthy. Any one else guilty of that?  When we work in small business on our own without a team we wear so many hats and we only have our own thoughts to bounce ideas off, lucky for me there are plenty of voices in my head willing to give an opinion.

    However, despite having an iron will to push myself in my business to grow, develop and market my network and provide the very best of service to my network members, I realised today that it is a very long time, perhaps close to 8 years since I have pushed myself personally on a physical level. 

    Over time the importance of exercise and “me” time has been dropped off my to do list and I have forgotten how great it feels to push my body a little bit, to stretch myself past my muscles screaming and to feel satisfied in myself that I have kept a promise to myself to get moving and stay moving. And I have got to say that despite the muscle soreness and the early mornings I feel great!

    I feel positive, I feel proud of myself and I feel like I can keep on doing that.

    So as I complete my first week of exercising each day(and it has been really fun too, I promise) I want to give a big thanks to Jen and her personal trainers at Goal Power( and to my new goal power friends.

    See you on Monday for another great week of fun, fitness and satisfaction.

    x Natalie

    ps I wonder how hard it will be Monday, after a few days off to get into the gym gear???????????

    Published on March 11, 2011 · Filed under: General;
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