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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 4

    When the alarm screamed at me at 7am today I asked myself what did I want to do today.  Did I want to get up and do an hour of yoga or take an early walk or leave my exercise plan until later in the day? Today my body decided to choose the leisure and freedom of  a beach walk. No start or finish time, no structure, simply some time out to enjoy nature.

    As I got into another busy day of juggling kids, family, a business and home life( you know what I mean) the day quicky got away from me.

    Before I knew it it was after 5 pm and the dark skies were closing in and I still had not gotten moving.  So I quickly grabbed some shorts and off I set for a fast, yet peaceful beach wander. At that time of day and with rain clouds on the horizon the beach was nearly empty, I so love that!

    As I reflected on the day that had been and how late in the day I had left my exercise plan to I realised that whilst I had observed that I may not have a big goal in sight I did have motivation and that motivation was to be accountable to my blog readers!

    Our motivation to do things that are good for us can sometimes be external. We may want to reduce our weight because it is impacting on our health, or it may be that we need to be fitter to keep up with our busy family or hectic work life.

    Whatever the motivation the outcome is still the same, the benefits to your mental, emotional and physical state are still the same.

    So whatever my motivation I decided not to beat myself up about leaving my walk until so late in the day but rather acknowlege and give myself credit that I did it any way.

    I do however, see the reason now behind the early morning starts with Goal Power, once it is done it is done and you don’t have to try and fit it in, or juggle your day. Exercising early in the day leaves your mind free to get on with the day and not keep focusing on the exercise that hasn’t been done.

    So whatever the benefits for getting out of bed tomorrow morning at 530am to join the team at Goal power for another morning session, my motivation is curiosity. With such a varied fitness program I am keen to find out what’s next!

    x Natalie

    ps tell you tomorrow

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