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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 3

    I am posting this blog hot and sweaty straight from an hour of training with Alena from Goal power.

    I thought the hardest thing about my quest to improve my fitness would be getting up early. Ha ha the joke is on me, it is actually the exercise that is the hardest! Perhaps it has been so long since I exercised I had forgotten that! AND you don’t stop when it rains! Seems no excuse will give you a “get out of jail free card” with Goal Power!

    Today we did a variety of challenges for 30 second periods and then a quick run and then rotate and repeat with our partner.  How hard can it be to last for only 30 seconds?  Any one who has experienced the contractions of child birth knows exactly how long 30 seconds is. 

    The mind chatter was going crazy today and I had to really work hard to believe that I could get through each activity. I knew I had to find my motivation quickly, but positive affirmations were not cutting it today, my arms were so tired and sore from Monday’s Boxing class I could hardly hold them up and indeed typing this is an effort within itself.

    To find my motivation I looked around the group of lovely ladies that were sharing this session with me and the trainer who had given up her time to encourage and motivate us and realised I needed to find who I was accountable to.

    That person is me.  I intend for my body to last me a very long time and I intend to remain fit, healthy and strong during that time.  Encouragement from others is great, support is invaluable and sometimes we all need a kick up the bum to keep going, but ultimately, the responsiblity lies with us individuals to set goals, be persistent, resist giving up and encourage ourselves.

    I met a lady last night who is training to climb Mt K, another who just swam for 4 hours straight! (no toilet breaks even) and another who has set a goal to run up Mt Coolum without stopping. Maybe I need a goal, a real purpose beyond just wanting to be fitter and healthier? Would that make the hard sessions easier?

    Just for now I am going to set a goal that I can get through the next 30 seconds of exercise without stopping.

    I shall keep you posted.


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