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  • Goddess Fitness Challenge Day 2

    Today I woke before my alarm and felt well rested! Waking that little bit earlier and naturally, not because of the alarm screaming at me, I had some time for a little reflection and meditation.

    Then up for an hour of yoga.  Today for the first time in my many yoga years, I was able to go from a downward facing dog to plank, not touching the ground and into upward facing dog!WOW isn’t it amazing how the body retains a memory and can move naturally past a blockage point when it is ready.

    So despite a great fitness session with Goal Power on Monday, I know that one session could not have increased and improved my fitness this fast. So what did?

    Was it my mindset?

    Having shifted my perspective from “I don’t have enough time”, “exercise is hard, hurts, takes so long to see results etc” to “I am committed to taking better  care of myself and introducing some movement into my body at a pace and a type that I enjoy”, my body has responded with ease.

    I am a little stiff and my muscles have that healthy feeling of “I have been worked” and I feel great, loads of energy, hence the very late blog post tonight and I am now heading off for a good night sleep ready for tomorrows Goal power session.

    Wonder what we will do tomorrow?

    Can you make the commitment to yourself, to get moving tomorrow, just a bit?

    Can you find something you like doing and do it. How about a little bit of a disco in the lounge room to get your blood flowing, oh the image delights me!


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