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    I have a confession to make.  I hate exercising!

    This was not always the case, up until about 5 years ago I was hugely into fitness.  Over the years I have thrown myself into many sporting and physical pursuits including; swimming, high jump(I was a primary school superstar!), running, softball, netball, surfing, aerobics and sailing in my youth, to gym junkie in my 20’s, to a runner who loved to get up at 5am and run for 10 km each day(who was that???), to embracing belly dancing, yoga and pilates in my 30’s, to ………….. nothing in my 40’s.

    What happened to me? When did I stop being motivated to feeling and looking fit and healthy and strong? Or more directly, when did I stop making time for me to pursue and enjoy the benefits of a healthy fitness program?

    Have you stopped taking the time too?

    Well a few months ago I declared that 2011 was the year where I will reclaim my motivation and dedication and  responsibilty for my health and get moving again! Moving in any way that was going to be fun, fruitful and safe.  I also asked you my readers to hold me accountable in this pursuit and to share my “fitness journey” with me via this blog.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO today my fitness challenge began. Well technically the opportunity and the kick start came last Friday when I was lucky enough( well not lucky I manifested that one!) to win a personal training membership with Jen Forster from Goal Power training ( at an event held by Red Hot Events and Seminars.

    At last the new sports gear and runners could leave their pristine place in my wardrobe (still in the bags and tags I bought them in 3 months ago) and get a workout too.

    Now despite all the sporadic exercise activities I have been involved throughout the years I have never actually trained for anything or with others. So I spent the weekend getting excited about the idea of getting out there and experiencing how  group training and working with a personal trainer could be different from working out alone. The closer I got to the time where I would have to wake up early and exercise after so many years of doing very little, that excitement began to waiver.

    What if I couldn’t keep up with everyone? What if  I huffed and puffed and couldn’t do it at all! What if everyone else was better than me, what if I were judged? What if I hurt myself and what if I hurt all over?  This was some of the mind chatter that was evading my head space. Not enough to make me quit or not turn up but enough for me to imagine “what if it were cancelled”.

    Over the weekend I met another lady Nicole who was also going to attend her first session with Goal power and we were joking about the early start. Sunday afternoon we thought we had a reprieve, the personal trainer was cut off from the mainland and had no way of getting back in time for our early start.

    Yah I punched a high five in the air and thought “oh well I can do it another day”.  As the night before the agreed session dragged on though and I hadn’t really had the clear confirmation that the session would be cancelled, I laid out my brand new sports gear just in case. Then at some point I made a decision that I would get up at 5am, I would turn up at the training area and I would do something for that hour whatever and who ever turned up. Not long after that I got a text to say  the session was on as planned. Must have been sign!

    Oh dear! when the alarm went off at 5.20am, it propelled me out of bed in shock, literally I was shaking from being woken from such a deep sleep and it took a few seconds for me to realise what the noise was and why my alarm was screaming at me. So despite my confusion and bumbling around in the dark I was up, dressed and out the door in minutes, so fast in fact that I was early for my session! Ha Ha.

    Todays session was boxing, something I had never done but everyone else in the group appeared to know what they were doing and the instructor was really helpful, funny and PERKY. ( is that a pre requisite at personal training school?)

    One hour later and not only had I survived but I had enjoyed every minute of it!

    Thank you to Nicole, Vicky and Jen for showing me how group training can be fun, that a personal trainer helps one to create a feeling of “joint committment” and  that fitness is fun.

    I will be back!

    x Natalie

    ps but I would love a massage right about now. xxxxx

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