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  • What makes a great presentation?

    We have all experienced a riveting dynamic and entertaining speaker, one that inspires and motivates us and we have also experienced speakers that have the potential to drain us and put us to sleep.

    Never before have I witnessed so many opportunities to hear guest speaking presentations or teleseminars. Why all the interest? Live speaking events and teleseminars allows your consumers and colleagues the opportunity to connect with you, to discover a little more about who you are and what you do. I was recently invited as a guest on the Spirited Womens Network teleseminar series and found it a great experience, fun, lighthearted and great for my confidence. Listen here for full teleseminar event.

    So how can you become a dynamic presenter?     


    • Be you- show your personality
    • Have fun- enjoy yourself
    • Share stories- anecdotes of your experiences
    • Be informed- stick to the facts
    • Use an interesting voice- with lots of pitch and tone                       
    • Connect with your audience- ask questions
    • Be honest-if you don’t know something don’t act like you do!

    What makes a great presentation?

    • Variety- mix up your facts with your own experiences
    • Humour- every one loves a laugh
    • Fun- add a game
    • Interest- gauge your listeners interest don’t keep going on about something if they have lost interest
    • Rehearse- the only way to not sound rehearsed is to REHEARSE! use a mirror or recording device
    • Speak from the heart
    • Props- not too many just a few to keep your audience interested and only if they are pertinent to your topic

    And remember we don’t get it perfect the first time or few times, but don’t give up. 

     If you need some support in how to speak better and gain confidence as a presenter then attend a public speaking seminar, Carren Smith from has great seminars available and the support to encourage you to become a fantastic public speaker.

    You might be thinking, “I don’t ever intend to speak publicly why should I learn”, well each and every day in our professional and personal lives we speak to potential clients. To promote and sell your products and services effectively don’t you wish you could do that with purpose, clarity, confidence and convert those conversations to sales?

    x Natalie

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