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    Oh That’s What Is Missing 

    I have been having a period of doubt lately – allowing fear to infiltrate and settle like an unwelcome pest.  Allowing it to scamper into my thoughts. I was aware that it was there, lurking, but it was elusive.  These fears and doubts were around my identity as a business woman.  What right do I have even to call myself that?

    Spirited Women’s Network is an expression of my purpose and passion – I love doing this – so why the ‘furrowed brow’?  I know I have passion, I know I have drive, I know I have heart in this.  You would think that would be enough to ferret out the fear ‘rodent’ and send it on its way.  Something had to be missing.

    Well last night I interviewed Natalie McIvor of Enlightened Goddesses.  I heard the same passion, drive and heart in what she was saying and then light bulb moment!  The missing ingredient – Conviction.  I mention that I ‘knew’ I had drive etc, but this is different to knowing.  This is a deep, unquestionable, inevitable knowing of your truth.  Nat has that in abundance –  about what she is doing, why and where she is going.

    It is not as though the Universe wasn’t trying to tell me this (see my latest musing on youtube to see what I mean)  just sometimes it needs to come in a number of ways for it to really sink in.  So let me tell you that fear factor is on the run.  I am going to sit and meditate with this insight and allow it to germinate.  I can already feel the roots spreading, the vitality feeding through my psyche.

    This conviction feels like the trunk of a tree actually.  The bridge between the thoughts (leaves/air) and the doing (roots/earth).  It is what holds you firm, supports you, provides you nourishment when the elements may be swaying you too and fro.  It is what enlivens you.  So this is what I need to tend, to cultivate.  This is my missing ingredient in the Business Natalie’s mix.  Well what a relief!

    So I ask you, what have you needed to hear or needed to integrate to support you in your purpose and passion?  How did that message get to you?  And did you follow through?

    Yours in warrior woman spirit,


    Published on February 10, 2011 · Filed under: General;

3 Responses to “Guest blog-Natalie Hennessey Spirited Women’s Network”

  1. I am the proud sole owner of Akarma Massage and Therapies. My journey started with a reiki session from Natalie McIvor who has been an inspiration to me. My heart has lead me to where my passion lies in healing and nurturing my clients. I don’t see myself as a business woman business woman. I am a spiritual worker who has been professionally trained and is now guided to uplift spirits, reduce stress and relieve pain. I am grateful for my clients and all that I have achieved. Always learning and always growing as a healer and person. Follow your heart and dreams can come true.

  2. and look where you are headed Natalie, it has been an honour and a pleasure to support you in your journey. You are one of the kindest and most authentic women in business I know

  3. Teresa you are walking an incredible journey, I am blessed to be joining you on this path. x Natalie

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