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  • 7 Steps to Mastering Authentic Networking

    Networking is more than just throwing your business card on the table and hoping for the best. It is more than just “getting” yourself out there. Networking is about connection and contribution.

    Networking, when it is done authentically and effectively will help you                                                                        :

    •  build your client base
    •  build connections                                                                                                                   
    • build relationships
    •  and  build businesses.

    So how do we become a Master Networker?


    Follow these 7 steps to Mastering Authentic Networking and you will indeed become a master at networking.

    1. Chat– online and inline, everywhere. Get used to having informal and light conversations with strangers. It will get easier I promise!
    2. Communicate practice speaking with confidence, use the mirror if you need to, and LISTEN. Everyone loves a captive audience.
    3. Clarity– be clear on what your message is. Who are you ,what do you do, how do you do it? Remember KISS. Keep it simple & sweet.
    4. Connection– be authentic. Slow down and take the time to get a feel for the person you talk with. Give them your complete attention.
    5. Card- professional business cards are an absolute ESSENTIAL to creating that all important first impression. AND please hand them out, they are no good looking lovely in your bag. Get used to giving them out often and early, eg ” Hi,My name is Natalie McIvor and my business is The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network, could I give you my card please, can I have yours? (Ps you can end up with lots of cards at a networking event so it is always a good idea to jot down a little note on the card to trigger your memory of the conversation later and remember to follow up the connection you have made with a simple and quick email, “Hi, great to meet you last week at……”)
    6. Charisma Go on show us who you really are, people want to connect with you the person not you the business model.
    7. Consciousness– Be aware, of your surroundings, of your fellow networkers, allow your intuition to guide you to the right connections.

    So how do you Network?

    Do you stand in the corner and hope no one sees you? Do you make sure you speak briefly to all in the room? Do you allow yourself to be guided to the person you resonate with the most and have valued lengthy conversations? Or do you wait and determine who you and your services might be a match for?

    Which ever way you Network at events can you see a similarity in the way you Network in life?

    Networking above all else is FUN.  Where else can you conduct business with interesting and like minded people over a delicious lunch?

    If you are looking for a networking group where you can feel more than just your business card then you will love the Goddess events. visit and book your ticket today.

    See you there soon !


    ps bonus tip…….Contribute! Ask yourself how you can contribute to the others at the event, what can you do for them. It could be some advice, it could be a referral it could just be an idea. I see some great ideas born from networking events every month. Network within the Network.

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