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    Well January 2011 has almost come to an end and I am aware of an intention I set on January 1st to create more time for me, to focus on improving my health and inceasing my fitness.
    Each year I set my intention to become healthier, fitter and leaner.
    MMM well so far not so good.
    After all, I know I need all the energy I can get to manage another busy year of juggling family, friends and business commitments.
    Somewhere along the way I leave myself LAST!  and I never get there. Sound familiar?
    Well this year I would like to ask  YOU to hold me accountable.
    I have never been one to go on fad diets, or chase the latest exercise trends, and I have never owned a set of bathroom scales. For me I measure my fitness against how I feel not how I look. I know when I am eating well, finding time to exercise in a fun way and relaxing that my food seems to digest better, I sleep better, I am happier and have more energy.
    On the flipside I also know when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, frazzled and frustrated that somewhere I have lost a healthy balance in my life.
    Oh I have many excuses for why I never get around to Me, not enough time, too much work, kids need this, family needs that bla bla, I am sure you have heard yourself mutter the same excuses.
    But thanks to a little pep talk from Biana Aiono from Sculptlife Personal Training, I am going to throw out the excuses and make time for ME.  Bianca has agreed to support me (and fellow goddesses) to create healthy change, better nutritional habits and a healthy fun exercise program.
     MMM, I am feeling a little intimidated already!
    BUT, I am going to do this! and I am going to keep a blogging journal so I can share the highs and lows and the fabulous outcomes in about 8 weeks time. I hope this is where you will come in and offer me blog support. 
    I am looking forward to meeting my new healthier body very soon .
    So girls, put away the shakes,pills and lettuce leaves and join Bianca and I for
    Will you take the challenge with me?
    x Natalie
    Published on January 26, 2011 · Filed under: Events, General;
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