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  • “Why is Networking so important?”

    Why Network?

    Have you ever attended a Networking event? Why did you go? What did you gain from the experience? Was once enough?

    Some networking events can leave you feeling “alien” and excluded from the clique.  The benefits may seem a little hit and miss. Yes you met a few people, you gave out your business card and collected a few and enjoyed the presentation, but did you get a lot out of the event, either personally or professionally?

    Effective Networking is about making authentic connections with other like minded women and creating genuine professional and personal relationships that create powerful synergies for all.  We all have experienced the power of a community of people working toward a common goal. The common goal of networking is to create new business for all.

    To create new business you need more clients and potential clients need to feel like they know you and can trust you.  Your consumers need to know who you are, what you do, how much you charge to do it and why you are the best choice for them to spend their hard earned money with.  In these fast changing times there is an abundance of like businesses and for each business to prosper the business owner needs to understand, develop and promote their USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

    What’s yours?

    One of the hardest challenges for many business owners is to promote themselves effectively and to stand up in front of others and do just that. But if youdon’t or can’t promote yourself effectively, who will?  The answer to that question is The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network” where we are committed to supporting and assisting every member toward success. Let us be your advocate and promote you effectively through out network and the wider community.

    From the very first time you attend an Enlightened Goddesses event you will realise why this network is The Sunshine Coast’s fastest growing women’s network”.

    Networking is more than throwing your business card out there and hoping for the best. At an Enlightened Goddesses Network event you will forge geniune connections with like minded women. Women who share a common desire to promote their businesses with integrity and authenticity. Women just like you.

    Hosted by Natalie McIvor, every Enlightened Goddesses event actively encourages and supports women in business to become strong, confident and empowered whilst embracing their femininity.  You will not find aggressive team building or “character building” activities at any of these events. Instead you will be pleased to find  a safe, secure and supportive environment in which you can share your dreams, goals, visions and desires and be met with genuine interest and a real desire from other members to see you succeed in all areas of your life.  You may even discover a joint venture that can benefit all.

    Throughout 2011 we will host a variety of networking and social events and business seminars that will provide plenty of choice to find the right group and event that best suits you and your business. Whether you attend a breakfast, lunch or Business Seminar you will enjoy great company, healthy food, a positive environment and inspirational guest speakers. Perhaps you may wish to sponsor an event or be one of our Guest Speakers. Contact Natalie to discover the benefits that this will bring to your business profile.

    In February 2011 we will launch The Goddess NetConnect Seminars where you will be inspired by dynamic speakers as they share their business tools and knowledge over dinner.  These Seminars are aimed at delivering up to the minute leading edge business tips and tools guaranteed to make your business stand out from the rest. There will also be great food, great venues, member trade booths, lucky door prizes and Goddess Goodie Bags.

    At every Enlightened Goddesses event you have the opportunity to make genuine and authentic connections with other like minded women where you will know you are worth more than just your business card.

    We look forward to building a strong, professional and personal relationship with you and promoting you through our Network and the wider community.

    Become a member today and enjoy great benefits, authentic connections and ongoing support.

    Join us at an event soon.

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