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  • “Networking with heart”

    Networking is certainly the buzz word in the business community and people are harnessing the concepts and understanding that building relationships builds businesses.

    During the past week or so as mother nature have ravished our country, people have continued to network and call upon their contacts to summon a community spirit that is usually only witnessed in times of such drama. 

    All throughout the day my inbox bell has rung announcing new messages from all the social media sites I am involved with. Messages of hope, updates on flood waters, calls for help and offers for help.  For me personally I received a message from a resident near my mother advising me that the area was safe, great comfort to me as I had been unable to contact my invalid mother for a day. Thank you Miss Ronnie.

    What an amazing community we are a part of. Over the years I have travelled to various countries who do not have emergency relief programs and services, free medical facilitie, strong emergency services teams and an abundance of food and services like we enjoy in Australia.  I have always been proud to be an Aussie and to know that when someone needs a hand in our country someone puts one out.

    If you are in need of some help right now or can offer some help you don’t have to look far to find official and unofficial groups working together to fill sand bags, offer food or a place to sleep

    So while we have been busy in our business lives creating strong networks and making connections with others we have also been forming strong communities in our personal lives. This is what I like to call “Networking with heart”.  Networking with heart is about making authentic connections with others with a genuine mutual interest in each other, our stories and lives.  Buliding relationships builds communities.                      

    My hope is that all of us will remember the value of strong communities and lending a hand every day not just in times of tragedy. 

    May you and yours all remain safe and dry as we ride out a few more days of rain.


    Published on January 12, 2011 · Filed under: General, Networking;

8 Responses to ““Networking with heart””

  1. Thanks Natalie, It is wonderful to see the community help each other isn’t it. I am so amazed at the Australian strength in these situations!
    I have a page on facebook “Joint Venture Giving” which is a space for people to post links and information that might be helpful to others especially in this time so please feel free to join the page and post there. Stay safe x

  2. Thanks Kama,
    yes love the community spirit that is surrounding us all right now.
    Thanks for inviting me to the joint venture group, thanks for setting that up
    x Natalie

  3. Natalie –

    In Difficult times, we need to pull together. As a planet, we need to forget about borders, forget party lines, ignore gender, race, and color, and come together to help each other out.

    What a world we would live in if ego did not get in the way.

    Be Well.

  4. Well said Paul
    thanks for sharing
    x Natalie

  5. Let’s face it, Natalie. We were all put on this earth for only one reason — people connection!

    That’s what life (and business) is really all about. It’s not complicated, it’s about compassion.- having compassion for our fellow man – especially in a crisis as severe and tragic as the flooding in Queensland.

    I normally wouldn’t do this in a comment box, but I’d like to encourage you to connect with my friend, Fiona Bosticky, from Australia. You can find her on Twitter at @abnormalmarket She and her sister, Lauren, are doing what they can to help the people of Queensland – first and foremost, asking their online friends for prayer.

  6. thanks Melanie I will connect with your friend and her sister.

  7. Oh how social media has changed our lives! Our world has become smaller and our connections more immediate. And, that our connections are made in this environment means we can get to know someone better than if we were to rely simply on the phone or the news. I’m glad your mum is safe, and that you had someone nearby who could let you know :-) xxx Anita

  8. So True Anita
    I am glad that our social networks have brought us together
    x Natalie

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