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  • “With Hope”

    I post this blog tonight with little joy in my heart. It has saddened and shocked me along with the rest of the country to see the damage and destruction these flooding rains have brought. To keep my mind occupied I have cooked, cleaned, worked, and worked and worked.  I have needed to keep busy to keep my thoughts positive today. 

    The one sign of hope that I have witnessed throughout this ordeal is the community compassion and support. One thing we Aussies are great at besides being the “little battler” is that in times of need we step up and help out.  My only hope is that in future it won’t take devastating floods to remind us to put our hand out when we need help or to give it where it is needed.

    Today I have repeated to myself like a mantra “I am so grateful that my family is safe”. After all what else matters?

    Praying for clear skies and easing waters and sending love to all

    x Natalie

    Published on January 11, 2011 · Filed under: Events, General;

4 Responses to ““With Hope””

  1. Great blog post Natalie. I feel so much sadness for these people too.
    Its been absolutley devastating.
    Its hard to keep your mind on work when this is happening around us.
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Sue
    I hear you. Let’s keep on sending all the love we can, love can move mountains
    x Natalie

  3. Nat i so know what u mean about no joy…i feel completely numb, lost and just so sad…at least u have bn productive..i vacuumed, mopped n put some washing on..thats it…rest of day watching tv..very unlike me..:( i just feel so useless…sending out so much love. Night night xxx

  4. Dear Bridget
    tomorrow is another day.
    let’s hope for better news
    x Natalie

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