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    What do you feel when I say “Networking Event”. Do you cringe at the idea of having to talk about yourself or are you excited at the opportunity to meet  and connect with like minded people and expand your contact base?

    What you feel about networking will be largely determined by the experiences you have had at a  Networking event. 

    Have you ever been to a Networking event where you have felt exhausted by the sales pitches and intimidated by your perception of others being better, bigger and more successful than you?

    Or have you been lucky enough to attend those events where your fellow networkers are authentic and genuinely interested in your story? These type of events are great gardens for you to grow, explore and evolve. For when we are showered with interest, compassion, care and support how can we not flourish professionally and personally.

    Social media sites have fast become an extension of Networking events. A place where we are able to access a broader, wider and more diverse “fan” base and in effect are able to meet and greet and share our message with many more, without leaving our home. Isn’t that great!

    So would you agree that Networking can work great for you or not at all? Yes?

    For  Networking to work for you, you need to be authentic, to share your story and self with others, to show them you are human and accessible. You need to seek authentic connections with others and listen to their story too. 

    When you Network from the heart, every opportunity is a Networking opportunity OR  just  a Sales pitch.

    How do you Network? Looking forward to connecting with you soon.


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