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    Guest blogger-Kama J Frankling “Creative Inner Child

    Today’s blog is showcasing what I do best and love doing the most- Promoting others! Thanks Kama for this great blog. To discover how you can play with your creative inner child, Kama offers some amazing “playshops”.  Click here to find Kama today.

    Creative Goddess

    When I first heard of the Enlightened Goddess networks there was a part of me that felt I shouldn’t attend as I didn’t feel much like a goddess. Somehow along the way I have lost touch with feeling feminine and I automatically associated the word goddess with being feminine. However I did attend and I have loved it.

    Having attended the Enlightened Goddess events and met so many wonderful people I have gained clarity of who I really am and what I really want to do. I want to show people the gem of being in touch with their Creative Inner Child and I am passionate about it.

    It has always been natural for me to be creative, to have lots of ideas and to be inspired and motivated on a daily basis. Meeting the wonderful people at these events and watching them follow their passions it slowly dawned on me that I also wanted to share my gift with others.

    This morning I realised that inside I am a goddess. On the inside I am feminine, I am colourful, I am inspirational, I am creative and I am spiritual. Now all I need to do is bring all those elements to the surface and become the Creative goddess that I am inside. And that is what I intend to do, with all my heart throughout 2011.

    Do you also have an inner goddess waiting to reveal herself?

    How will she shine in 2011?

    I can’t wait to meet her!

     Thank you Natalie for creating the environment where goddesses can emerge

     The soon to be Creative Goddess


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4 Responses to ““Promoting others””

  1. Love it! We all have that inner goddess if we can just figure out how to let her out!! Here’s to a fantastic 2011 with a world full of creative goddesses!

  2. Hi Martha
    All the inner goddess needs is a little encouragement and out she will burst! Just keep on loving yourself!
    x Natalie

  3. Great! From one Goddess to another. Loved your blog!

  4. Hi Janet, thanks for connecting, keep on spreading the word and encourage all our sisters to acknowledge the Goddess within

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