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  • “Why are we blogging?”

    Day three of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I am lost for words! Wow! Anyone who has known me a while will find that hard to believe.   It is not like I don’t know stuff and stuff about stuff and I do like the sound of my own voice, so why am I resisting this challenge?  

    It is because “I feel I have to blog?”, am I worried that what I have to say is not “good enough” or that others won’t want to read what I have to say? Or am I just resisting learning and mastering something new? Mm not sure perhaps a bit of all.

    But it does lead me to ask the question ” why are we blogging?” Is it to share information, impart knowledge, drive traffic to our Facebook and website pages, or do we blog for the love of writing? OR is it simply that as humans we love to communicate and now we can do so more often and in more ways than ever before. The rapid growth in technology now has us connected via text, mobile phone, email, messenger, social media and blogging, which opens up and broadens our contact base to include the entire world any time of the day or night. Amazing isn’t it!

     Blogging blocks and resistance to change aside, as a networking Goddess I love being connected with others and connecting others so will perservere and persist with this blogging challenge and hope to find inspiration and motivational from all the other great bloggers that join me on this challenge.

     Why are you blogging?

    See you tomorrow

     x Natalie

    Published on January 7, 2011 · Filed under: General;

4 Responses to ““Why are we blogging?””

  1. Hi Natalie,
    Great question. I’m blogging because I have a message to share and I, too, want to meet others in this challenge. I want to share in their blogging experiences. It’s good to see so many different types of blog posts and bloggers here.

    Hannah Roi

  2. Hi Hannah
    Thanks for your comments, I am enjoying the variety of blog and bloggers too!
    x Natalie

  3. Hi Natalie – I’m blogging as I love sharing with others. I’m a right chatter box and love being able to ‘meet’ so many great people (such as yourself…)

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    me too!

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