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  • “Giving Credit where Credit is Due”

    Do we give others the credit they are due? How do we receive the credit we are given?

    I was chatting over coffee in the rain today with a friend and business colleague and we were discussing the amazing amount of support that we experience daily in our professional lives from those around us.  One of the most fulfilling aspects I witness at networking events is the open way in which members promote each other.  Social media takes this one step further with fans and likers posting positive comments and testimonials on their walls endorsing the services of others.  This takes word of mouth to another level entirely, as through social media avenues we can reach a much wider audience.

    I love promoting others, that is why I host networking events.  I believe in the power of testimonials. I honestly believe that we are better people when we support and encourage others to greatness, and the law of attraction tells us that what we put out there we get more of. Great Karma isn’t it?

    So what makes a good testimonial?

    1. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, long winded, or dotted with fancy words.
    2. Simplicity and heartfelt are the keys here.
    3. If you love someones work, their product or their service, then shout it to the world. 
    4. Be comfortable asking for testimonials from your clients, build your reputation, build your business.

    When someone offers you a compliment, praise or a testimonial how do you take it? Do you try to discredit the comment eg; She says” wow you look nice today” you reply “oh no I don’t I have a pimple and I am feeling fat and this dress is really old” ( get the picture).

    ?When someone offers you a testimonial, credit or praise then do yourself a favour and accept it and believe it. If someone says you look great then why on earth would you try to convince them otherwise? Silly hey!

    When you give credit to others how do you feel? Great I bet. So allow others to give you credit to so they can feel great also.  When you can’t or won’t accept that credit you rob the other person of feeling great by giving you support.

    Each day I witness the power of the testimonial. I witness self confidence increasing, creativity flowing, businesses flourishing. I see happy people, both the givers and the receivers.  

    I personally take every opportunity to give others the credit they are due and over time I have learnt to accept with gratitude the praise from others. You know what? I am a better person for doing this.

    Today I want to acknowledge Krishna Everson, Healthy Marketing for sharing her marketing skills and knowledge with me and being a great sounding board.

    So the next time someone does something credit worthy then take the time to acknowledge them, you will be surprised how good you will feel.


    Published on January 6, 2011 · Filed under: General;

3 Responses to ““Giving Credit where Credit is Due””

  1. Natalie, you graciously lift others up constantly, it is such a gift! I have often been guilty of replying to compliments or praise with sarcasm, and realise I am robbing the giver. Thankyou for bringing this to light. And thankyou for your acknowledgement, and all that you are creating. It’s a joy to see and be a part of.

  2. Thanks Krishna for your honest response, I am sure we have all been guilty of the same response, I know I have

  3. Another great post!
    It makes me laught when I compliment someone and they have to say ‘oh this was only cheap’ etc etc – I always say ‘ I didn’t ask for that information, just say thanks’…
    So – Thank you for this great blog! I am very glad I found it!

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