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    Networking. Networking. Networking.

    This is the word  on everyone’s lips!

    But perhaps we should be asking the questions;

    1. Why network?


    1. How do we do it effectively?

    Networking satisfies our need for;

    • Socialisation
    • Fun
    • Value for money

    And when done effectively and authentically, leads to strong connections, healthy friendships and substantial business growth.

    Women in particular are aware of the strength of building authentic connections and creating communities of like minded others.

    Many women in business are working alone, without a team and without staff and this isolation from others and other points of view can create limits to business growth and success.  When women come together in supportive environments where they are encouraged and assisted to succeed, they become empowered in all areas of their life. When they share this with other women, new ideas, joint ventures and business creation can occur.

    For Networking events to be effective for personal and professional growth, the event needs to be about more than just throwing your business card on the table and hoping for the best.  To be effective in a networking environment you need to feel accepted and important to the group. You need to believe that you are worth listening to and you need to be an interested listener.

    Successful networking creates connections that lead to each person feeling more empowered and generating business growth for each other.

    For networking to be successful, the participants need to feel comfortable enough to share their stories, their passions and their services to an audience that is receptive, interested and supportive.

    In 2010 we have connected at Goddesses@lunch networking events and a few months ago I asked myself “how I can support you further?” The realisation came to me that these events were much more than just a chat over lunch.

    These events bring real meaning to my life and to those established and new guests who attend each month.  So the idea came to me to create a Women’s Business Network.

    The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network has been created to provide online and live networking and promotional support for all its members.  At an Enlightened Goddesses event you will know and feel that you are important and you will be encouraged and supported in sharing your story and your business goals with others that are genuinely interested in your success.

    The site has been created to enable you access to additional channels to get your message, your service and your products out there to potential clients.  As a member of the Enlightened Goddesses Business Network you will be supported and promoted at live events and seminars, through the online directory, and through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    We will be your voice, and advocate for your services and the biggest and most cost effective means for marketing your business within the network and the wider community. 

    Perhaps you or someone you know would make a great inspirational guest speaker at a goddess event. Please let me know if this interests you.  If you are interested in promoting your business further, you may like to be a VIP sponsor of an event or place an online ad (conditions apply).

    At the Enlightened Goddesses Business Network we know how challenging it can be to “self promote” and we are committed to supporting you to become clear and comfortable in doing this.  Through online testimonials, business reviews, featured business of the month and our social media channels we will create a web of support to meet your promotional needs.

    In 2011 we will host the Goddess NetConnect Seminars, where you will enjoy learning up to the minute business tips, tools and strategies and learn effective networking skills that will take your business to the next level. The NetConnect Seminars are a unique blend of socialisation, networking, business education and promotion enjoyed over a delicious meal. Please see attached flyer for further information.

    The team at Enlightened Goddesses are passionate about creating authentic connections and supporting each other toward success. We look forward to working with you to build a strong future for your business. Become a member before Xmas 2010 and allow us to keep your business active during the holiday period. Join before Xmas and you will receive an extra gift, a one ½ hour business consultation, where we can brainstorm your ideas for 2011.

    Stay connected.


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  1. I would like to thank you for the time you took writing this article. You’ve enlightening for me. I have forwarded this to one of my friends.

  2. Thanks Dave
    great to share info isn’t it.

  3. Outstanding article it is surely. My mother has been awaiting for this info.

  4. Thanks for your comment
    x Natalie

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