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    Well it is past 1am and thanks to the coffee girl mixing up my decaf with a full strength latte, I am wide awake and lucid!

    So I thought I would use this time wisely and reflect upon the week that has been.

    Oh, by the way this is my first blog so be kind to me please.

    In the past week I have watched my 12 year old daughter graduate from Grade 7, my 15 year old son graduate from Grade 10. Spent a nervous and draining day in hospital with my aging grand parents(all is well now thank Goddess), left my home of 3 years and stored my belongings in a friends garage with no permanent destination secured, found and been accepted for a fabulous new home in Coolum and launched my website

    If it were not for the coffee I would be long asleep.

    What I have realised over the course of the past week and all its’ events is 2 things.

    1. We humans have an amazing capacity to deal with lifes challenges and joys, often simulataneously. AND

    2. How much easier we can cope with these challenges and joys when we have the support of others.

    I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the great support, friendships and connections that I am blessed with  that have made the past week flow a little easier.

    Thank you to my family and friends, my partner and his father, my colleagues, my team,my clients,  my supporters, the local media and other sponsors of my events, the real estate for finding us a new home, my neighbour for cleaning the old house with me, the hospital and ambulance staff for keeping my nan safe and well and to each and every person who has touched my life in 2010.

    You know who you are.

    x Natalie

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2 Responses to “A week in the life of a Goddess!”

  1. hello Natalie,
    It’s interesting, I haven’t had time to read blogs, but just clicked on yours. I’m up in Cairns, sorting out a friends will, as I’m executor, and also I have a unit up here, which I’m renting out again, just looking for a tenant… I understand what you have been through with the aging parents. I flew down to Melbourne to look after my father after his hip operation, I did this inbetween guests staying at our private retreat at Sunshine Ridge.. It has been a busy year, with guests, travel, our boy Jay with AFL, and business. You notice I put business last, because I’m enjoying just being ‘right now’. So I should join your network group, how does one do that.
    You may like to come up to our property and check out what we have to offer up in Cooroy… I’m back from Cairns Christmas eve, after a 2 day drive back with my partner Darryl… okay… I’ll be working on my blog eventually blessings for Christmas and life.
    Annie Clark. 0402 166 187.

  2. Hi Annie
    thanks for your comment. Did we meet recently at Healthy marketing breakfast? I have heard your name mentioned a few times at various networking events, (the pooinyou is hard to forget!) I look forward to connecting with you again in 2011 and would love to invite you to become a member of The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network. Simply read through the levels of membership to see what suits you and follow the easy steps.
    take care and a merry and peaceful xmas to you and yours
    x Natalie

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