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  • The next event is

    “Goddess Gifting & Receiving Day”

    Wed, 15th October, 10am – 2.30pm   

    Sisters helping Sisters to learn and shine

    by giving and receiving!

    Have you ever been at a Goddesses@Lunch event and

    • had your interest sparked about someone from something they shared?
    • or you overheard them talking and it sounded interesting?
    • or seen their business card but still not quite sure what it is they do?

    What stopped you from following up that interest?   My guess is that it was probably “time”.  So, here’s an opportunity for more time together - to connect for longer (instead of the quick chat on the way to the loo or whilst getting a cuppa at the bar).

    You will have the opportunity to “GIFT” yourself, your business, your products/services in a more intimate way with your “RECEIVING GODDESSES”.  AND  you will “RECEIVE” a first- hand experience of the unique talents, products or services that your “GIFTING GODDESSES” are offering.

     Option 1 – “Mystery” One-on-One Connection  (4 x 15 min sessions of Gifting + 4 x 15 min sessions of Receiving)

    When you are being the “Gifting Goddess” you will have one-on-one time to share and shine, offering a sample of your unique gifts, talents, products or services in a private mini-session with a Goddess sister who is receiving.

    Each gifter will be set up in her special “Goddess Gifting Position” for 15 minute sessions with 4 different “Receiving Goddess” for either the morning or the afternoon one hour sessions.  (Then we swap over, but with different Goddesses, so you will interact intimately with 8 Goddesses over the 2 hours).

    Wondering what to share?  The essence of your work – whatever you choose, that you are happy to gift from the heart, and can be done in less than 15 minutes.  This is not about offering something of a specific dollar value – remember it’s GIFTING!  Here’s a couple of examples:

    • A massage therapist may offer a delicious hand or neck/shoulder massage
    • A life coach may offer some guidance on one question
    • A marketing guru may offer some helpful tips on an area you are not sure of

    Whatever it is you do in your business, that is your unique GIFT.  You have something valuable to share, so get creative, get inspired, and share a little of your uniqueness with your Goddess sisters.

    When you are being the “Receiving Goddess” you will spend a 15 min private session with 4 different “Gifting Goddesses” in either the morning or afternoon.   So, all you have to do is “RECEIVE”   Wow, won’t that be nice – nothing to do but “RECEIVE”!

    Why the “Mystery”?   Well, even if you receive something that you would not normally choose, or you are not a prospective client/customer (at this time), you will have learnt more about your Goddess Sister’s expertise, and you will have knowledge and experience of a resource, product or service that a friend or client of yours may have a need for in the future.  Goddesses are great at helping others to find solutions and connecting people with people.  So go ahead – share and connect!  Plus, you may just make a beautiful new friend from the experience.

    Option 2 – Goddess Group “Play & Connect”

    • If you think your business is not appropriate for a one-on-one mini session (Gifting)
    • If you don’t have a business but would love to be part of the Goddess connection
    • If you prefer to relax and take time out from your business to nurture yourself and relationships
    • Or if for any other reason you’d prefer to play and connect in a group environment

    Join Kellie in the Goddess Room where we will be having lots of fun, laughter and sharing – dancing optional!  You will also have the opportunity to share about your business here if you so desire!  If you choose this option, please bring along a lovely gift (business related or not) to give to one of your Goddess Sisters in the Group (and remember to attach your business card to it).  Ooooh, we are going to have so much fun with that – it’ll be just like Christmas!

    Buffet Lunch - A variety of delicious lunch selections will be on offer,  including healthy options. We will also enjoy lovely fresh fruit and some divine sweetie treaties too, as well as teas/coffee/water available all day.  BYO wine or bubbles if you are so inclined!

    Here’s how the day will go

    • 10am-11am – Arrival and connecting 10-11am – very casual and lots of fun
    • 11am-12 noon – First One hour session of “Mystery Gifting & Receiving” OR “Goddess Group Play & Connect” – depending on your Option choice
    •  12noon-1pm – Buffet lunch, relaxing connection time – inside, outside, garden, by the pool – the choice is yours – so many places to chill out
    •  1pm-2pm – Second One hour session “Mystery Gifting & Receiving” OR “Goddess Group Play & Connect” – depending on your Option choice
    •  2pm-2.30pm – Final cuppas, Goddess Circle and goodbyes!

    A Gifting Note:   Have a think about what you would like to gift, and the area, equipment or set up you will need, if anything other than chairs. There are 4 x private consulting rooms appropriate for massage tables, so there’s private room for 8 different businesses over the day.  Plus, there are at least 8 other semi-private areas available, including decks, gardens, poolside etc.   It will be a little like a circuit, but nothing like a gym – phew!!!

    Please let me know Kell Headshot 2if you require one of the private rooms for your “Gifting” – first in, best dressed on that.  BYO massage table or other small table/equipment if required.  Chairs will be supplied.  I have the logistics all sorted out so everyone leaves with their cup full and a spring in their step.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on   0419 135506.

    Buckets of love and excitement, Kellie xxx

    Choose your option:

    Option 1 – Mystery One-on-One Gifting and Receiving Goddess = 2 hours of private Gifting/Receiving

    Option 2 – Play & Connect Goddess = 2 hours of Goddess Group fun including Giving & Receiving

    Dietary restrictions will be catered for, but please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

    Ticket price:  $41 members   $51 non- members  -   Click here to book, and be sure to note your Option choice and Dietary Requirements if any!