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    Wednesday 19th November – 11.30am-2.30pm

    Guest Speaker: Annie Clark

    How to avoid Adrenal Fatigue

    How many times have you found yourself spinning too many plates?    How many times have you found yourself eating on the run, overcome with anxiety or failing to respond rationally to a situation, that in a calmer state, you would deal with reasonably, confidently and calmly?

    Like most people reading this, you are probably running on empty.  Empty of nutrition and failing to absorb your nutrition in a sufficient manner.  Empty of energy to carry out a simple task, and overwhelmed by clutter, even simple tasks.  If you knew that your body was creating cancerous cells because of your response to situations, wouldn’t you want to do something about that?  Of course you would!

    Annie Clark is an expert educator on how to deal with stress and stressful situations, how to change your chemistry so that you are able to recover from crisis or trauma and get on with life in a happier frame of mind and with the physical capabilities to match.


    Running on Empty will be available for sale at Lunch, or you can click here to order your copy right now.  The next “Running on Empty” workshop is coming up on Saturday, 15th November if you just can’t wait till our lunch date!  Click here to find out more.

    Ready to book your seat to this incredible event?  At Enlightened Goddesses, we share, learn, nurture and grow together.  Come along for loads of fun and connection with your Goddess sisters.

    Book your ticket today! Click here   See you there …. with bells on!  Love Kellie xxx