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    Thursday, 9th June – 6.30-9.30pm

    “Goddess Gathering @ Night”

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    Hello dear Goddess,
    I’d like to invite you to a delightful gathering of the Goddesses @ Night.  It’s been such a long time since we gathered, and it will be lovely to reconnect, be in circle together and share a little of ourselves.  I’m sure you’ve all been doing some interesting things this year!  Bring along anything you’d like to show and share, (business cards, new products, flyers, special offers), as we will have a trade table set aside to do so.  No pressure to be all businessy, just be yourself, gorgeous one.
    We will gather at 6.30pm to enjoy a delicious and healthy light dinner, with some sweetie treaties and cuppas for afterwards. Maybe even a glass of bubbly for those who would like to indulge a little (or BYO if you are a bit fussy on what you drink).
    The new location is at my new comfy abode in Mountain Creek (so easy to find, just off the Motorway near Mooloolaba) and we still have lots of room for our circle and mingling.  Come in your glam gear, or your PJ’s, whatever feels good for you on the day.  Remember, all facets of the Goddess are welcome!
    I have also asked one our gorgeous Goddess tribe, Tracey Templeman, to create a beautiful grounding and nurturing space for us, and to give us a little taste of her latest creation “The Art of Sacred Self Discovery”.  You can find her regular fortnightly events on Facebook.
    As always, it will be very relaxed with lots of time to connect one-on-one, and of course, hugs all round.   I’m so looking forward to seeing you all again, and hope that the night time idea suits you.
    Book your ticket today! Click here   Sending loads of love, and hope to see you there!    Kellie xxx

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    My apologies ladies, it’s taken some time to come to this decision before I could share it with you.  I was avoiding making it, out of a sense of obligation to the members. After all, Natalie had put her heart and soul into creating and building this network of delightful women, and I didn’t want to fail the members and what I believed their expectations were. I wanted to be clear headed so I could choose wisely.   I kept thinking “next week” I’ll be able to deal with that.  And, quite frankly, I was just too crazy busy to fit in my brain, let alone take action on it.

    You may have heard that we sold our farm in Victoria (Yippee!! remember that intention I shared at the Christmas event?), bought a house here which is just perfect for us, had a house on the farm burn down (on the day the contract of sale was about to be signed – and yes, we’ve made that mean a lot…. ahhhhh… the releasing), lots of official stuff that took up so much time and energy, and then moved house as well as set up our new Nana May’s Magic Hands business in it’s fab new headquarters at the front of the house.  Phew, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it!  I do hope you understand, and forgive my lack of communication with you.

    So, here’s my decision, Goddesses.   I have decided it will be easier to discontinue the Membership component of the Network (less fuss and admin), and the ticket prices for events will be the same as the previous “Member’s Only” price.  My reason for this change is that I am only one Goddess, and I just need to simplify life a bit.  I have had trouble fitting in the EGBN admin, marketing and organisation of events, as well as run my family life and our farm business, plus Nana May’s. To be honest, my health is not brilliant, and I do struggle to keep going some days (I’m sure many of you can relate – ahhh the life of a busy Goddess, wearing many hats)!  My new business Nana May’s Magic Hands  keeps me on my toes everyday, and away from home quite a bit doing expos & shows.  It’s all very fun and exciting, and a little exhausting too.

    My intention is to continue to host Goddess events, albeit not as regularly as in the past.  It will just need some squeezing in on the calendar.  For anyone with a current membership, I am happy to offer a refund on a pro-rata basis.  If you have any questions regarding your current membership, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Also, if any of you energetic Goddesses have some ideas for future events and would be willing to lend a hand in some way, or take the reins for an event, I’d be most interested to hear from you for a chat.  My home is mostly available as a venue.  I know we all love to get together and connect.  I have certainly missed you all this past 6 months, and many have been asking what’s happening with the network, so if you have anything to offer to help keep our gatherings going, that would be just super.  I thank you all for the love and support you have offered me in so many ways over the past two years and I look forward to many more fun and enlightening times together with my Goddess sisters.

    Love to you, sister Goddess,

    Kellie xxx